Coronis Mortgage and Finance has accelerated their Mentor Program with the addition of two new mentors, Madonna Vernieu and Boris Biskupic, after receiving more than 150 applications per month from aspiring mortgage brokers. 

The program, which launched just over five months ago with Michelle Standley has already proven very successful, with one of her mentees writing $1.3 million in one month after commencing his broking career just three months ago.

Coronis Mortgage & Finance Director Tyson James said the addition of Madonna and Boris was a significant milestone for the business, as it meant they could amplify the roll out their unique offering to more new-to-industry or struggling brokers.

“We’ve been blown away by the response we’ve had to our new mentor program, with more than 150 people applying each month since we launched in November 2020, so to meet the demand and fast track our goals it was imperative that we expanded our mentor team,” Mr James said.

“We have been searching for the right mix of mentors for some time now and I’m very proud of the team we have assembled. Michelle is the heart of our team, Madonna is high energy and enthusiastic while Boris is our process and systems driven professional so we have a really diverse mix that will enable us to match the right mentee with the right mentor.

“Michelle, Madonna and Boris work 100% in the trenches with their mentees and support them as they learn all the concepts they need to know to be successful including lead generation, the sales process, credit policy training, file driving and managing alliance relationships.

“Over the past five years, we have trialed various ideas to help grow our brokers and their loan books, but what we’ve learnt is they need a well thought out framework that offers one-on-one mentoring with tailored support.

“What we really want to achieve is a reduction in the ‘churn & burn’ within the industry by comprehensively training new to industry brokers and equip them with the skills, systems and support to succeed.

“We’re aiming to onboard 100+ brokers to the program by the end of the year who are writing upwards of $20 million in their first 12 months which I am confident we will achieve. Currently, we have 16 mentees onboarding right now with a further 17 set to enter the program next month upon the completion of their Certificate 4 in Finance and Mortgage Broking.

“I think we have really identified a niche gap in the market for new or struggling brokers, but what’s more is we’re able to integrate them straight into a sales office, set them up to attend open homes with Coronis’ agents and hit the ground running with quality referrals from the entire Coronis Group, which is a priceless advantage.”

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