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How much do you actually need for a house deposit?

So you’ve decided you want to buy a new home? Congratulations! Making this huge decision is just the first step in your upcoming home loan journey. But it’s an exciting one.  The next step is to save for the deposit. But how much do you actually need for a deposit?...

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Lenders Mortgage Insurance Explained!

Lenders Mortgage Insurance Explained - How to Avoid Paying it Lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) is essentially an insurance policy you, as the mortgage holder, pays that protects the lenders from financial loss.  Yes, you heard correctly, you pay for it, not the...

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Mortgage Lending Demand is on the Rise: Why it Matters

Recent data by CoreLogic and the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed an increasing demand for mortgage lending after significant industry changes throughout 2019 that helped boost property prices as well. Buyers can lend more now than before and with...

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