What is FAST ReFi?

A Fast ReFi reduces the time between you making the decision to refinance and the your lenders closing the deal.

The benefit for you as a customer is that you can have the process completed in a matter of days rather than worrying about it for an extended period of time. Once a loan is initially signed, standard processing can take weeks. With Fast ReFi, settlement for refinancing can be completed within days!

Why Fast ReFi?

  • Settlements are completed electronically (by EFT)
  • No need to book a physical settlement
  • Borrowers can access additional and/or surplus funds much faster than the standard refinance process
  • Access additional funds sooner
  • Get out of your current institution faster
  • Not impacted by settlement day
  • The process requires minimal additional documentation.

Do you qualify for a FAST ReFi?

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